FOREST/ANIMALS, GAME                                            

Name of exercise:                             Recognizing some animals

Size of the group 2-6
Age of the members 5+
Equipment/working environment Pictures of a rabbit, a bear, a moose, a deer, a wild boar, a lynx, and a squirrel, a paper, pens, task card, forests
Aims To recognize animals
Remarks You can use toys instead of the pictures

Description of the exercise:

Customers try to recognize animals on the pictures or on the toys and name them in Finnish, German and English.

Instructions for the advisor:

  1. Give the customers the pictures of animals
  2. Give instructions, paper and pens to the customer for performing the task
  3. During the assessment of work results, advisor can bring out for example following matters:
  • A moose is the biggest cloven-hoofed animal in our forests
  • Finns respect bears, it has many favorite names.
  • Sweet squirrel insidiously ransacks bird’s nests. Squirrels change the color of the coat. In winter it’s grey and in summer it’s brown
  • A lynx is the only natural wild cat in Finland. Big eyes and long ears helps rabbit for observing the beasts. It runs very fast because of very strong hind legs.
  • A Deer usually lives in coniferous forests.
  • The wild boars mostly move at night. They defend themselves with their tusks. For example after a car crash they can be really dangerous for humans, because they are injured

Instructions for clients:

  1. Recognize these animals and name them in three languages, in Finnish, German and English.
    Link to worksheet (including solutions)