Ball Track

Size of the group

5-6 people

Age of the members

From 14 – 16 years

Needed material/Terrain conditions

Wood, stones, materials from nature
one ball (a heavy boules bullet)
sloping terrain in a forest or clearing


Teamwork, nature experiences, cooperation, fantasy, creative skills


For younger kids it is possible to reduce the criterions for the ball track.
It is also possible to require a minimal length of the ball tab.
You can also give a time line depending on the required criterions and the length of the ball track.

Description of the exercise:

If you want to build a ball tab, you have to go in the forest and search for some natural materials. With those things you have to build a track. The ball passes the track rolling down into a hole.

You have to work in a team to reach the aim.

Required conditions for the ball track

  1. ball has to pass a left turn and a right turn
  2. ball must roll through a tunnel
  3. ball has to make some noise
  4. ball has to roll up and down
  5. ball has to fall down into a hole at the end

    If the ball has fulfilled the conditions, you`ve reached the aim of this task, the ball track.