Building a birdhouse


Name of exercise:    Building of your own birdhouse


Size of the group2-6
Age of the members+10
Equipment/ working environmentSaw, sawbuck, wood board, nail, hammer, waterproof marker, task card. Safe and stable working environment.
AimsTo build your own birdhouse, to get new working experiences, to learn to use new equipments, to get self-confidence
RemarksCareful with saw

Description of the exercise:

Clients plan their own birdhouse and then build it.

Instructions for the adviser:

  1. Put wood boards to ground. Nails, hammer and marker to a table.
  2. Put saw safely to sawbuck.
  3. Make sure that ground is safe.
  4. Give directions and equipment to clients.
  5. During the judgement of work results, advisor can bring out for example following matters:
  • For smallest birds, like great tit, finch, pied flycatcher, measurements of the birdhouse: 10 x 30 cm
  • For starling measurements of the birdhouse: 14 x 28 cm
  • For goldeneye measurements of the birdhouse: 23 x 50 cm

Instructions for clients:

  1. Plan with care the size of board pieces, how many do you need in the same size.
  2. Saw right size pieces of board for the birdhouse of the certain size of the bird.
  3. If you can, drill yourself the hole to the bird, if it is too difficult, ask an adult to do that stage.
  4. Nail with hammer pieces together according to picture.
  5. Decorate birdhouse with your own taste with marker.
    Link to worksheet (including solutions)