Fishing with self made rod


Name of exercise:    Fishing with self made fishing rod

Size of the group2-10
Age of the members+5
Needed material/Terrain conditionsWood stick, bobber=bottle cap, hook, weight, fishing line, scissors, worms, task card, lakes side.
AimsTo do your own fishing rod and fishing
RemarksCareful with the hook. If there is no forest near, where the material for the fishing rod is possible to cut, then buy bamboo sticks.

Description of the exercise:

Clients need to do their own fishing rod and then try to get a fish.

Instructions for advisor:

  1. Find out if on venue place is forest where you can get stick. If not you need to buy bamboo sticks.
  2. Put fishing rod parts to table: bobber, hook, weight, fishing line.
  3. Give clients directions and equipment’s to do the task.
  4. Take that clients don’t hurt themselves! Example with the hook.

Instructions for clients:

  1. You have to find good bendy branch of wood to make your fishing rod. Best species of tree is example rowan and alder. Branch need to be 2,5-3 meters.
  2. Find and dig worms from the ground.
  3. Take about 4-5 meter of fishing line. Put the other head of fishing line to wood stick. Put bobber and weight almost to the end (20cm) of fishing line. Now tie the hook to end of fishing line. NB! be careful with hook it is very sharp.
  4. Put worm to the hook, that whole hook will be covered.
  5. Keep fishing rod with your other hand and other hand take the fishing line. Pull fishing line little bit to behind you, that will give you little bit strength to the throw. NB! be careful when there is people near you.
  6. When hook is in the water wait quietly. When bobber goes fully under the water, lift fishing line up, there might be a fish.
  7. Take the fish of carefully.
    Link to worksheet (including solutions)