Size of the group 1 – 30 people
Age of the memmbers 12 years and older
Needed material/Terrain conditions Rainproof clothing, solid shoes
food and drink
mapForest, meadows, agricultural area
Aims orientation of oneself in nature
skill of reading a map
experience of nature: bird voices, recognise plants
trainig staying power, physical fitness
get in contact with other participants
taking care of each other/respect each otherdiscovering the region
Remarks In case of a whole-day-hike:
In consideration of the physical power of the participants it may be recommended to plan a transport back home at the half of the trip.

Description of the exercise:

One group plans the hike: They search the route with the help of a map and prepare the map in a way, that the others can find the way by map.
Pay particular attention to a varied course, suitable resting places and time for natural experiences.
It is important to take care of the metres of the altitude to be conquered (the hike can take much more time than calculated!)