Identifying grain foodstuff

Size of the group


Age of the members


Needed material/Terrain conditions

Rye bread, macarons, crackers, three plates, paper, pencils, task card, kitchen


Learn to recognize different grains.



Description of the exercise:

Customers try to recognize corn products and what kind of corn is used on the products. Then they write the product names in Finnish, English and German.


Instructions for the advisor:

  1. Put the recognizable products on different plates
  2. Number the plates
  3. Give instructions, paper and pencil to perform the task for the customer
  4. Tip: The youngest who can’t write yet, can draw the grains.
  5. V: Rye bread is made from rye, macarons and crackers can be made from white wheat, whole grain wheat or from spelled wheat


Instructions for the clients:

  1. Try to recognize different corn products and name them in three languages (Finnish, German and English)
  2. Write, what kind of corn each product is made off