Identifying of Root Vegetables

Size of the group


Age of the members


Equipment / working environment

Potato flour, sugar, horseradish paste, three plates, potato, horseradish, sugar beet, paper, pens, task card, kitchen


Learn to recognize also rare root vegetables and the products made from them



Description of the exercise:

Customers try to recognize root vegetable products and what kind of root vegetables are used in the products. Then they write the product names in Finnish, English and German.


Instructions for the advisor:

  1. Put each root vegetable product on the own plate
  2. Number the plates
  3. Give instructions, paper and pencil to the customer for performing the task
  4. V: 1. Horseradish 2. Sugar beet 3. Potato


Instructions for the clients:

  1. Try to recognize root vegetable products and recognize which root vegetable is used in each product and name them in three languages (Finnish, German and English)