Size of the group 3-20 persons
Age of the members 10-99 years
Needed material/Terrain conditions Track to cross, 6 ”boats”(fabric or other material (30×30 cm) you can stand on)
Aims To get the whole team on the other side of the track
Remarks The task can be introduced to younger kids by a story, e.g. travelling through the jungle

Description of the exercise:

A low rope obstacle course is an obstacle course of approximately 30 cm above the ground. Particular emphasis is placed on balance, cooperation, teamwork and perseverance.

Team has to cross the track without touching the ground. Each memeber of the team has to do it. Team has 6 boats that they can use as a help, but only one person can use the same boat during the exercise. When a person falls off the track, she/he has to start again from the beginning. Exercise is finnished when all team members have made it to the other side.