Size of the group 8 or more people
Age of the members 7 years or older
Needed material/Terrain conditions Wooden V-Sticks (angle trim), circa 40 cm, marble (small ball from glass)
Aims teamwork, communication, concentration, coordination
Remarks The marble has to be carried to the final point.

It is necessary to work slowly and carefully Don’t hold the V-sticks too high!

Description of the exercise:

Every participant gets one V-stick and stands in a line. All V-sticks form a track.
The marble has to roll over all V-sticks from the start point to the final point.
If the marble drops down, you have to start again from the beginning. It is not allowed to touch the marble.
Therefore it is necessary, that all members hold their sticks in a way, the tab is not too steep and the marble doesn’t get too much speed and falls down.

When the marble passed one’s V-stick, the member takes a new place at the end of the line of all members.