Recognizing Berries



Name of exercise:                Recognizing berries

Size of the group


Age of the members


Equipment/working environment

A basket, paper, pens, task card, forests


To learn to recognize berries, to learn to walk in the nature, to experience the relaxing influence of the nature



Description of the exercise:

Customers try to find some berries and collect in the basket leaves, flowers or berries depending of the season. They take also pictures of the plants.

Instructions for the advisor:

  1. Give instructions, paper, pens and task card to the customer for performing the task.
  2. During the assessment of work results, advisor can bring out for example following matters:
  • Cowberry’s leaves are leathery, on top it’s dark green and under the leave it is light green and dark speckled. The berry is red.
  • Blueberry’s leaves are soft, light green. The berry is blue as the name is. Blueberry’s flower is light green or reddish.
  • Wild strawberry grows 5-20cm long. The berries are small and red. The flower is white almost rounded, but not always.
  • Raspberry can grow about 2 meters long. The stick is often spiny. The leaves are green and serrated. The berry’s color is dark red.
  • Cloudberry grows on peatland meadows. The flower is white, an unripe berry is red, a ripe berry is light yellow



Instructions for clients:

  1. Try to find cowberry, blueberry, wild strawberry, raspberry and cloudberry and take in the basket leaves, flowers or berries depending of the season.
  2. Take pictures of the plants.
  3. If you don´t find some plant then draw its leaf and berry.