Recognizing Plants

Size of the group 2-6
Age of the members 7+
Equipment/working environment Paper and pens, a task card and a basket or bag for the plants, forests
Aims To learn to recognize plants, to learn to walk in the nature, to feel the relaxing influence of the nature

Description of the exercise:

Customers try to find certain plants and try to find out, which of them are spore-bearing plants. Customers collect the plants in the basket or take a picture of them to show in the assessment situation.

Instructions for the advisor:

  1. Give instructions, paper and pens to the customer for performing the task.
  2. During the assessment of work results, advisor can bring out for example following matters:
  • Lichen´s structure is simple and small and often it takes the food straight from the outer surface.
  • Hanging moss can grow in the ground, in the trees, in the rocks and in the walls.
  • Polypody’s stick is straight, long and thick.
  • Hair cap moss is dark green moss, which shape reminds of small-sized pine seedlings.

Instructions for clients:

  1. Try to find hanging moss, lichen, hair cap moss and polypody.
  2. Try to find out, which of them are spore – bearing plants and write down.
  3. Collect them in the basket or take pictures of them to show in the assessment situation.

    Link to worksheet (including solutions)