Recognizing Trees


Size of the group


Age of the members


Equipment/working environment

A basket for branches, a task card, pens, forests


To learn to recognize some trees, to learn to walk in the nature, to experience the relaxing influence of the nature


Description of the exercise:

 Customers try to find a branch of an alder, a birch, a rowan and a bird cherry. They collect them in a basket and take pictures of the trees.

Instructions for the advisor:

  1. Give instructions, a basket for branches, a task card and pens the to the customer for performing the task .
  2. During the assessment of work results, the advisor can bring out for example following matters:
  • Alder’s skin is dark grey or grey
  • Rowans are mostly small trees or bushes.
  • Birch’s trunk and branches covers easily peeling off, mainly white with black stripes birch bark
  • Bird cherry can grow to 25 meter. The bark is smooth, peeling off and rough, greyish-brown and emits an unpleasant, acrid odor.

Instructions for clients:

  1. Take a small branch of these trees: alder, birch, rowan, bird cherry and collect the branches in a basket.
  2. Take pictures of the trees.
  3. Draw a leaf of each tree and write the names of trees in Finnish, German and English