Scavenger hunt

Size of the group

Groups of 5-7 persons

Age of the memmbers

10-99 years

Needed material/Terrain conditions

Map, puzzle pieces, questions, bag
Terrain in nature or in built-up-areas


To collect all the puzzle pieces and find a solution.
Promotion of a cooperation, creativity, teamwork, communication


You are a team 🙂

Description of the exercise:

A scavenger hunt is a small hike with different tasks that need to be mastered. For this purpose, a route is defined with different checkpoints. At these stops you need to solve a task to pass. For example: there can be some people standing there to explain the tasks, or there can be drawn arrows on the ground to show you the right way. Or there can be self-explanatory notes.

For example: the first exercise is to find different things from the nature. Afterwards you have to sing a song about the things you found or tell a story about them, to play a role play about it or to dance a dance. This has to be presented to the whole group.

One example:

The participants get a bag in the beginning. After that they get the 1st question. They have to find their way with the help of a map and have to find different checkpoints. There they have to solve tasks. If they did so, they get a puzzle piece.. There are 9 checkpoints. At the end, all groups have to put together all the puzzle peaces to find a sentence written on it. Team work is requested!