Name of exercise:    Characteristics of water

Size of the group 1-10
Age of the members +5
Equipment/ working environment Lake water in see-through bottle, tap water in see-through bottle, paper, pen, task card, lakes side
Aims Recognise diffrent water state

Description of the exercise:

Clients need to recognise  cleanness of water and answer questions about different water states.

Instructions for adviser:

  1. Put two see-through bottle where is water to a table.
  2. Number the bottles A and B.
  3. Put question paper to a table.
  4. Give directions and equipment’s to clients.

Instructions for clients:

  1. Write which water in the bottle is cleaner. Explain your answer to the paper in Finnish, German and English.
  2. Which water is taken from lake.
  3. Which different states you can see water.
  4. Explain in Finnish, German and English why water is constantly moving.
    Link to worksheet (including solutions)