Rescue of a satellite

Size of the group Optional (maximum 25, in accordance to the number of the ends of the strings
Age of the members + 8 years
Needed material/Terrain conditions Material:
small ball or globe („satellite“)
strings (2,50 m) knotted at a metal ring
landing station for the ball (end of a pipe)
an area which is large enough (meadow or sports hall),no unevenness (risk of tripping)
Aims Promotion of a good group sense of community, confidence, teamwork, communication
Remarks It is the aim of the exercise to transport the ball from point A to B (landing station)(distance about 15 m) in the way that the „blind people“ transport the ball by the instructions of the „seeing people“.
The ball may not fall down.
The end of the exercise is when the ball (satellite) lies on the landing station

Description of the exercise:

The group is devided up in pairs. In these groups one puts on a blindfold („blind“).
Each of the „blinds“ holds a string in his hand. The strings are connected with the metal ring in the centre. A ball is placed on the ring.
The seeing partner is responsible for the blind one. He has to lead the blind and to make sure that the blind doesn’t get hurt or fall down.
One or two seeing people direct the whole group with special orders like „foreward“, „backward“, „up“, „down“, „right“, „left“ and „stop“.
The blind people are standing in a circle, so the seeing people have to translate the orders according to their position in the circle. The blind people have to hold the lines tight and they have to adapt the speed and the direction after their instinct.
The exercise ends when the ball is situated on the landing station.